The tactical support BREAKPOINT, has been designed specifically for the HKG36 and HK416 in all its versions. Despite this it has opted for a curvilinear design thanks to which the number of compatible weapons is extended. The measurement in the area of ​​the mouth of the magazine (part of the rifle where the magazine is inserted), which is where the device clamps the weapon , makes any weapon that measures 4cm or less is compatible with the support. If it is good that weapons like the M4, which this zone is considerably narrower, makes that, despite the function of sustaining the weapon, that clamping is considerably diminished. This has been solved and without that it diminishes at all the speed at the time of being able to have the weapon to make fire, adding a second anchor point, at the decision of the user. This second anchor point consists of holding the heel of the butt with a small rubber band anchored to the MOLLE system, getting that, by contrast of strength, the weapon is completely fixed to the vest if required, but with full operational capacity to arrange quickly of the same one and make fire in necessary case. Being able to enjoy this way, the 100% of capacities that Breakpoint provides with any weapon whose mouth of loader is equal or inferior to 4cm.

In this way an excellent fixation is achieved while we can quickly dispose of the weapon since the rubber does not interfere at all with the grip of the weapon or the taking of sights.