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How do we know if a website has protection under an SSL certificate? This can be seen with the naked eye in all major browsers. The first is the HTTP prefix of the URL of the web page, change to HTTPS (which means secure HTTP), the second is that somewhere in the browser window (it depends on which browser you use), an icon is displayed with padlock shape; the same when clicked opens a window with all the data of the SSL certificate in question, and the data of the CA entity that generated this certificate. Below we show a representative image of this.

The SSL (secure socket layer) is a security protocol developed by the company Netscape Communications to ensure that the transmission of data between a server and a user, or vice versa, through the Internet, is completely secure. SSL is an open protocol, so it can be used by any manufacturer of applications for the Internet, one of its great advantages being the fact that it can be used with any of the most common Internet service protocols (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc), although the most normal thing is that it is used for web traffic via the HTTP protocol.

The SSL protocol is based on the use of an encryption system that uses an algorithm (public key / private key) that uses a security key of 128 bits in length, and that only know the machine of the connected user and the server that provides the connection. These keys allow the encryption of the data so that nobody who does not have them can read its contents. This means that any type of information that is transmitted from a secure server (using SSL) and using a browser with support for SSL technology (and practically all the most common in its most recent versions), will travel through the Internet safe from that it can be tracked, copied and deciphered by a user that is not the one belonging to the communication originally established.

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